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Hello! I'm Marcia...

My goal is to help home cooks like you plan and execute delicious, healthy and satisfying weeknight meals.

Read more about my life, my family, and my approach to cooking by clicking the button below. 

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Want to be more confident in the kitchen?

Here's how to get there:

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Get organized. Let's get your kitchen in order!  Sharpen your knives, update equipment, clean out your spices and stock your pantry. There's no special equipment necessary, but also there's no time like the present to treat yourself to some tools of the trade.

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The basics.  Watch the knife skills videos to help you prep with ease and save time in the kitchen, from how to chop an onion to seed-free bell peppers! We have a whole library of basics videos that will always be available for you to watch again and again.

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Let's cook! I can't wait to share our monthly recipe classes, with three lessons that will change your game in the kitchen.  You'll get a PDF of each recipe, along with a video showing you exactly how to make it. After you watch and learn, post any questions and I'll get you answers ASAP!


Join me! The private Smart in the Kitchen School Facebook community is the place to share your questions, your wins, your food photos and your struggles. It's the place to connect with other members and get any kitchen question answered.

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I have taken Marcia's online cooking classes since April. I feel like my cooking techniques, such as knife skills, have been elevated and I have so many reliable and amazing recipes in my repertoire. She shares her favorite brands and ingredients that add the extra special touch to delicious recipes. Marcia is a lovely and approachable instructor; I love her classes. Here is a photo of me using the salt she recommends: Redmond Real Salt

~Barbara Davidge

Marcia Smart is amazing on so many levels. I love how she shares simple and wholesome recipes that are perfect for our busy lives. I especially love how real and down to earth she is-if you don’t have a certain ingredient-she’ll find a substitute! 

~Rita Joubran

Old Country Olive Oil

I have enjoyed everything you have taught us! I love to cook and I have learned lots and tried recipes I might not have attempted before. Smart in the Kitchen is the best thing about the whole pandemic in that it has forced me to learn many new things.

~Suzanne Gilbert

Want to see what's coming up?

We have a whole year of DELICIOUS recipe classes lined up for our members. Take a look at YEAR 1! And we may have some surprises and extras along the way...

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