Kitchen School - Gift Membership for One Year!

Instructions for sending your gift:

1) Enter your name, email address (not the address of the gift recipient), and your credit card information on this checkout page. Your password does not need to be the same as your gift recipient's. 

2) Check your email after you complete the purchase. You will receive an email with a coupon code for a 1-year membership and details to email to the gift recipient.

3) Foward your confirmation email to the gift recipient. The email will contain the coupon code and a link to set up a password for their membership.

That's it! Here's what your gift includes:

  • A video lesson library of cooking classes, knife skills, recipe basics, printable kitchen equipment lists, meal planning pages, and pantry essentials

  • A monthly Zoom cooking class for members only

  •  A minimum of six new recipes per month

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Over 15% discount for a yearly membership