Masterclass: Meal Plan Like a Pro! 

How to use a few minutes on the weekend to create a weeknight game plan of 3-5 approachable dinners.


My time tested tips to make grocery shopping a breeze, dinner planning stress-free, and cooking a joy.

We’ll create a meal planning rubric that works for you and create recipe theme nights to make it all go faster.

Take the anxiety out of “what’s for dinner” and create a real-life game plan you can truly execute! This strategy work for ALL types of diets, even if you're gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How to Meal Plan in 20 Minutes or Less

All it takes is a secret little strategy that I’ll teach in the webinar.  


How to Create a Meal Planning Rubric for Family Theme Nights

Everyone will know what to expect, and it will take the guesswork and time out of what to plan.


What to Do When Best Laid (Meal) Plans Fall off the Rails

It happens to the best of us!


How to Create a Shopping List

That gets you through the store in record time and saves so much $$$$.


Why is this important?

Meal planning came into my life as a sanity saver about the same time our afternoons became more stressful and busier than ever. Helping with school homework, decoding carpool spreadsheets and staying on top of my own deadlines meant something had to change. And fast.

I’ve been trained as a professional chef, and I write recipes and teach people how to cook for a living. But my primary job is as a parent, and part of the job description is to feed my family. I want my kids to be fueled up for studying, sports and life. Meal planning makes that possible without pushing me over the edge. 

I’d like to share my strategy to help other busy parents. The time is more crucial than ever to pause from the distractions of life and sit down for a home cooked meal. To slow down, pull up a seat at the table and connect.

No phones, no distractions -- just dinner and real-life conversation with those who mean the most to you. I’m here to help make that happen.


This Training is for You...

If you eat dinner! 😄

If you stress out about what to make for dinner.

If you find yourself wondering what to make at 6pm every night.

A Personal Invitation from Marcia...

When I incorporated meal planning into my routine, I took photos of my meal plans and posted them online. Cooking class clients and friends loved having a template to work from, so I decided to post my meal plans on my website and link to the recipes. I’ve saved previous meal planning notebooks, and it helps to look back and reflect on successes and failures. I post my weekly meal plans on my website, that’s literally 1,000s of weekly meal plans I’ve created in the past few years. I’ve given talks on meal planning for Memorial Hermann Hospital, National Charity League, churches, schools and mom’s groups. When something works for me personally, I want to share the wealth!