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An online cooking school for home cooks to learn knife skills, kitchen tips, cooking methods and techniques to build confidence. We'll take you from stressed to master chef!

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In the fall of 2020, the doors to our membership first opened. Smart in the Kitchen School is a place where you can get recipes, cooking class videos, and an awesome community to keep you cooking. If you're not ready to join just yet, but want to stay in the know, hop on the waitlist!

Marcia Smart is a cooking instructor, recipe developer and food writer who wants to help you make good, simple meals for your family and friends. She craves food that's seasonal and delicious and wants to share it with you. A California girl living in a Houston world with her husband and three children.

What We'll Cover

Knife Skills

Become a line cook in your own kitchen with tips and techniques that will cut your prep time in half! 

Kitchen Tips

Create an organized and efficient kitchen that will make cooking a joy, not a stress. 

Cooking Techniques

Learn techniques that will help you cook anything with ease, whether you're following a recipe or cooking off the cuff.


We believe that cooking should be a source of joy and an outpouring of love, not something to stress about. 

We strive to inspire home cooks to prepare meals at home and make good, healthy, simple dinners to enjoy at the family table.


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